You've come to the web site of the Theater of Song "Merhavim" (Beer-Sheva, Israel).  Merhavim means "planes" in Hebrew.  The theater was created by Boris Blahman in his native town Vitebsk in 1991 and since then Merhavim is faithful to its primary goal - create and perform the songs related the life of Jews, their history and modern time.  You will find everything about Merhavim's art here on this site.  Welcome!



Merhavim Group:

Boris Blahman - author (lyrics, music) and performer (vocal, guitar).

Marina Gershman - vocal.

Elina Milkina - vocal, violin.


 The unique distinction of Merhavim is their authentic revival of Eastern European Jewish music traditions. This is also reinforced by the deep roots of the folklore used in their songs: it is based on works of Sholom Aleihem, Isaac Babel, the inspiration of the art of Mark Chagal (who grew up in their native town Vitebsk) and other Jewish writers.

Merhavim performance includes 10 theatrical shows recorded in studio and released on 15 CD's.

They perform in Russian and English. 

You can find Merhavim audio and video clips here::
http://www.youtube.com/user/musicexid #
п / у http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/merhavim.
You can buy CD's here: www.cdbaby.com.

All CD's can be ordered from Merhavim US distributor:  exid@comcast.net.